Journal of Architecture and Construction

ISSN: 2637-5796 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2637-5796
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About Journal

The Journal of Architecture and Construction is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes original research on a wide range of topics in architecture and construction. The journal aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of high-quality research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in these fields. The Journal welcomes submissions from architects, engineers, builders, and researchers, as well as from students and practitioners in the field.

The journal covers a wide range of topics in architecture and construction, including building design, construction techniques and materials, building codes and regulations, sustainable design, and building technology. The journal also welcomes interdisciplinary submissions that bridge architecture and other related fields, such as urban planning, environmental science, and engineering.

The journal provides a platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge research and ideas, and we are particularly interested in papers that have the potential to make a significant impact in the field of architecture and construction. We welcome submissions that use a variety of methodologies, including theoretical, empirical, and experimental approaches, and we are open to interdisciplinary work that draws on insights from other fields such as engineering, environmental science, and urban planning.

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