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Case Report
22 September 2023

Penile Cancer: A Case Report and a Literature Review

Kouame B, Sani DSH, Drabo A, Noah B, Konan K, Coulibaly I, Dah G F, Konan PG, Dekou A
Research Article
29 August 2023

Secondary Metabolites and Antimicrobial Profile of the Crude Stem and Rhizome Extracts of Lasimorpha Senegalensis (SCHOTT) Araceae

S amuel J. Bunu, Deghinmotei Alfred-Ugbenbo, Deborah F. Anumo, Midia Adugo, Robert I. Angela
Research Article
24 August 2023

Effect of COVID- 19 Period Compared to Non COVID-19 Period on the Odds of Pulmonary Tuberculosis at Ndola Teaching Hospital in Zambia

Catherine N. Maliko, Christopher Nyirenda, Nasson Nathan Tembo, Patrick Musonda


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Are you a researcher or academic exploring the rich tapestry of beliefs that shape human existence? If so, you may be on the lookout for top academic journals in religion and theology to publish your work or further your studies.

  • 22-09-2023
Life Sciences Editorial Spotlight

Ecology and environmental science are two interconnected fields that focus on studying the relationship between living organisms and their environment.

  • 19-08-2023
Social Sciences & Humanities Scholarly Lens

Fine Arts is a vast and dynamic world that has intrigued people for centuries. It is a form of art that involves creating visual and performing works that are aesthetically pleasing and emotionally evocative.

  • 17-07-2023