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Research Article
19 February 2024

Drug and Its Impact on Students: A Study on Rural and Urban Perspective

Mohammad Shahjahan, Md Monoarul Haque
Research Article
16 February 2024

Dengue Fever Seroprevalence among Children Aged 0-5 Years at Paediatric University Hospital, Ouagadougou

Kambiré Dinanibè, Ouédraogo Oumarou, Doho Ulrich, Tondé Issa, Zouré Abdou-Azaque, Tamboura Mamadou, Kpoda Dissinviel Stéphane, Compaoré T. Rebeca, Zida Sylvie, Sagna Tani, Soubeiga Serges Théophile, Sangaré Lassana, Ouédraogo Henri Gautier, Ouédraogo/Traoré Rasmata, Sanou Mahamoudou
Research Article
15 February 2024

Algorithmic Decision-Making in Public Administration

Fereniki Panagopoulou
Research Article
14 February 2024

Structural and Electrical Properties of Sr2Fe0.75Co0.75Mn0.5O6-δ

Ram Krishna Hona, Amara Martinson, Alexa D. Azure, Mandy Guinn
Case Report
14 February 2024

A Long-Term Follow-Up of Cystitis Cystica and Glandularis: Two Case Reports

YONLI Diataga Sylvestre, Thomas Tabourin, Mohamed Arezki Lafifi, Mounir Mouheb, Hassan Abdourahman, Viviane Bodiguel, Emmanuel Van Glabeke


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