Peer Review Process

The Peer Review Process at Sryahwa Publications is a rigorous and thorough process that ensures the high scientific and ethical standards of our journals. The process begins with the submission of a manuscript to one of our journals. Our team of experienced editors will then assess the manuscript for suitability and compliance with our guidelines and standards.

Step 1: Initial Screening

The first step in the peer review process is an initial screening of the manuscript by our editors. This step involves a preliminary assessment of the manuscript's suitability for publication in our journals, including a check for compliance with our guidelines and standards. Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria will be rejected at this stage.

Step 2: Peer Review

Once a manuscript has passed the initial screening, it will be sent out for peer review by at least two independent experts in the field. Our reviewers are chosen based on their expertise and experience, and are asked to evaluate the manuscript based on its scientific merit, originality, and validity. The review process is double-blind, meaning that both the authors and the reviewers are anonymous to each other.

Step 3: Decision Making

Based on the feedback received from the reviewers, our editors will make a decision on the manuscript. The decision may be to accept the manuscript for publication, to request revisions, or to reject the manuscript. If revisions are requested, the authors will be given a detailed list of the changes that need to be made and a deadline for resubmission.

Step 4: Final Check

Before publication, the manuscript will undergo a final check by our editors to ensure that all revisions have been made and that the manuscript is ready for publication.

Our Peer Review Process is designed to ensure that the highest scientific and ethical standards are maintained, and that only the most original and valid research is published in our journals.