Pharmacologic Pericarditis

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Jose Gabriel Charria, Ricardo Criales, Ivette Gonzalez, Natalia Martinez, Diego Severiche

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Published: 9 October 2018 | Article Type :


The pericardial disease is one of the most frequent causes of illness within the one that affects the heart, the inflammation process that happens in the pericardium can cause different clinical manifestations that can affect the well being of the patient who is affected.
In some cases different drugs used to treat conditions can have adverse reactions that compromises the pericardial sack by the production of inflammation, this condition is known as pharmacologic pericarditis.

In the present chapter epidemiological data, physio pathological mechanisms, clinical manifestations, diagnostic approach and treatment are driven, also data taken by different sources is presented. Is important to notice that there is a lack of evidence regarding the subject of matter so some of the information that is presented on the chapter was taken from case reports and series reports.There is a need of having more research so many others conclusion and findings can be extrapolated so recommendations can be given further.

Keywords: Pharmacological, pericarditis, drugs adverse reactions, pericardial diseases.

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Jose Gabriel Charria, Ricardo Criales, Ivette Gonzalez, Natalia Martinez, Diego Severiche. (2018-10-09). "Pharmacologic Pericarditis." *Volume 1*, 2, 32-42