Istanbul: Industrialization and Sustainability Urban Transformation with Newly Developed Housing Projects

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Dr. Hülya Coskun

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Published: 24 June 2024 | Article Type : Research Article


This research put forward a recent city problematic of İstanbul as one of the largest Metropolis in the world undergoes a transformation process from a historical city to a sustainable city paradoxically. The primary aim of this study presents an updated city planning perspective on the Istanbul’s recent problematics today while the cities evolved more sustainable world. The cities have been ongoing for many years, initially focusing on residential-areas and later continued to expand with development of the industrial-areas with industrialization. However, in recent times there has been a growing emphasis on creating healthier cities living environments, leading to rapid transformation from traditional urban forms to the sustainable cities.
Istanbul, as one of the world’s megacities, is currently undergoing a complex process of transformation due to city’s rapidly changing agenda various specific issues such as Climate-change, migrations, and earthquakes since the 2000s. The industrial facilities which have already created problems in city for many years, their relocation outside the city still a specific matter importance. Furthermore, to protect the green-areas, and forests that have been under threat for unplanned urban sprawl in years is another problematic is becoming a sustainable city. On the contrary, to protect city’s green-areas and forest from the threat of the industrial areas and car traffic and pollution, the industrial facilities are planned to relocate to the outside of the city or to nearby town, and the city is expected to planning with newly opened healthy and sustainable residential-areas refrain from to interfere with more.
The research examines the current dimension of industrialization of Istanbul, its socio-economic and ecological consequences, and focuses on developing new Architectural and Urban project proposals for the planning of the city. Studies conducted in this context have revealed that the extent of an ecological threat alarmingly which stemmed primarily from increasing transnational migration, densely population, heavily urbanization and industrialization. If urbanization and industrialization in the city cannot be controlled the city in under the threat of extinction of green-areas, forests and even vital water resources and pollution which spread the sea waters like mucilage problem that recently occurred.

Keywords: City Planning, Industrial Areas, Istanbul, Residential-Areas, Sustainable Design.

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