Architecture from the Perspective of the Holy Qur'an

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Dr. Mohammad Reza Afroogh

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Published: 5 July 2019 | Article Type :


In art history, no art has been as controversial as the Islamic art, but at the same time it was transcendental and astounding. On the one hand, the mystical and intuitive view of Islamic artists, using Quranic and mystical foundations, also based on geometry and mathematics, has created works that are amazing and beautiful and transcendent, and on the other hand, the jurisprudential and verbal viewpoint. Historical architecture is the first art that could adapt to Islamic concepts and be welcomed by Muslims. Islamic art is a narration of beauty by narrators and sculptors who have sought to trace their lives in the context of the world. They have grown as beautiful as the gem of the pearl of perfection, and then as a manifestation of the right, the blazing light of those who seek to unite and connect to the throne. This art is a narrative of mania, a tale of discovery and intuition and in fact this is the image and manifestation of God's attributes and His revealed truths in the material world. The art of Islamic architecture, extending from Alhambra to the Taj Mahal, is in fact a great base for the romantic reception of great artists depicting a beautiful world in our awesome eyes. One of the great Islamic arts is the art of architecture. In this study, we present a brief overview of Islamic architecture from the point of view of the Holy Qur'an.

Keywords: Islam, Holy Quran, Architecture, Housing, City.

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