Architectural Design Considerations for Building along Slopes in Okigwe Zone, South-Eastern Nigeria

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Christopher Irehie, Napoleon Imaah and Patrick Youdeowei

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Published: 3 June 2019 | Article Type :


Over the years, property developers have frequently avoided building on slopes for reasons associated with flood, erosion, and lack of established order on how such development should be handled to check building failure. The purpose of the study is to outline control standard for building against erosion prone failures along slopes. The methodology of data collection was through tests and analysis of results obtained by reconnaissance survey, primary and secondary data collections. Ex-post facto design survey was used to compare the results of the architectural model analyses. Bore-hole findings proved material occurring at the depth of 6m across the Zone to be good medium for conventional shallow foundations. Footings of width 0.7m in Okigwe Zone will not settle more than the acceptable 25mm if the safe bearing pressure is kept at 70KN/m. The conclusion identified and recommended five findings for consideration in the design and construction of buildings along slopes.

Keywords: architectural design, design concept, slopes, runoff, buildings adaptability, duct system, erosion prone.

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