Vacuum Insulation Panels Applications as Building Insulators

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Amin Saboktakin, Mohammadreza Saboktakin

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Published: 21 March 2019 | Article Type :


Vacuum insulation panels (VIP) were developed to be used in refrigerators, freezers and cold shipping boxes where the space for insulation is limited. The product was introduced in the middle 1980s following the search for materials that could replace insulation materials which contained CFCs, harmful to the ozone layer. The potential of using VIP in buildings is large but VIP cannot be integrated in buildings without considering the ageing of the material. The technical life time of a refrigerator is around 10-20 years, which is much shorter than what can be expected from a building.

Keywords: Vacuum insulation panels, building, insulation, polymers.

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Amin Saboktakin, Mohammadreza Saboktakin. (2019-03-21). "Vacuum Insulation Panels Applications as Building Insulators." *Volume 2*, 1, 53-63

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