A Recommendation for Health Facility Areas in the Urban Planning

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Dr. Halil İbrahim Polat

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Published: 26 February 2019 | Article Type :


Health facilities; is a parameter that should be evaluated on the basis of all reinforcement parameters during planning work in the new residential areas or in the urban areas with the possibility of urban transformation. The importance a country gives to health is directly proportional to the importance it attaches to its people. In this study, data on health facilities, which are one of the main pillars of urban design plans, were collected. It was compared with a regulation in Turkey and discussed the current situation in Istanbul. It has been tried to discuss how much a suitable health facility area should be.

Keywords: Urban transformation, health facility, planning. 

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Dr. Halil İbrahim Polat. (2019-02-26). "A Recommendation for Health Facility Areas in the Urban Planning." *Volume 2*, 1, 42-45

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