International Practices in Hilly Regions

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Ms. SehbaSaleem

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Published: 5 February 2019 | Article Type :


In today’s time when the construction is growing on the mass level, the attention has been shifted from the plain to the hilly terrain. Hills are the places which have preserved the vernacular aesthetic value of that own very place. New and various construction methods are being undergoing and experimental stage in which the vernacular and the modern methods can be club together to preserve the existing architecture of any hilly region. Hills have a variety of weather condition, an extreme hot dry or facing winters with snowfall almost all round the year. And under such climatic condition, building methods varies so that building can stand the natural conditions and sheltered the population residing there in comfort. An attempt has been made in this paper to analysis the different practices which have been adopted in different regions in term of climate, construction techniques, and materials on hilly terrain.

Keywords: Building, Climate, Materials, Topography, Varnacular.

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Ms. SehbaSaleem. (2019-02-05). "International Practices in Hilly Regions." *Volume 2*, 1, 23-34

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