Evaluation of Traditional Methods in the Maintenance of Mud Houses for Environmental Sustainability in Northern Nigeria

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Chukwudum J.EZE, Juliet A.Obaje, and Stella. N.Zubairu

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Published: 29 August 2018 | Article Type :


Over the years, one of the major problems of traditional housing provision is poor maintenance habit/technique. Building maintenance is a subject that has to be considered seriously if buildings are to live up to their expected life span. Earth has been in use in all ancient cultures, every continent, in every age and is being recorded as one of the oldest and sustainable building materials on the planet known for over 9000 years but has the highest challenge of rapid deterioration. The research evaluated the problems caused as result of negligence in regular maintenance of mud houses in Nigeria and as well proffered various traditional methods to their maintenance which consequently improves the sustainability of the built environment. Qualitative research carried out through the administering of questionnaires, interviews and observations in some villages in the northern part of Nigeria has shown that buildings are left without proper maintenance or cared for minimally not following any particular routine. This scenario has resulted to diversified problems such as rapid depreciation or deterioration; low life span and eventually building collapses. The research concludes that there should be routine and regular maintenance of structures for apt environment sustainability.

Keywords: Deterioration, Environmental Sustainability, Evaluation, Maintenance, Mud Houses.

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