Assessing Architects' Knowledge of flood Resilient and Adaptable Buildings in Yenagoa, Nigeria

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Dr. Warebi Gabriel Brisibe

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Published: 2 May 2018 | Article Type :


Studies have shown that most parts of Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital fall within the high-risk flood zone of Nigeria and are susceptible to annual flooding. However, the 2012 flood was unusual in magnitude and led to the inundation of entire communities, the destruction of buildings and infrastructure. Over five years have elapsed since the floods and new building projects have resumed in some of the hardest hit areas of Yenagoa. This paper draws on data from a survey architects that reside and practice in Yenagoa, to investigate possible lessons learnt in design, material use and construction in the aftermath of flooding in the region. The results of the survey show the level of knowledgethese architectshave about floods and flood resilience in buildings, in the high-risk flood prone region in which they practice. Recommendations are also made on the way forward based on the results obtained from the survey.

Keywords: Architectural Design, Flooding, Architects, Resilience, Adaptability.

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