Modeling and Simulation to Predict Homogeneous Curing Age of Compressive Strength from Lateritic Soil Improved with Oyster Shells

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Eluozo S.N, Oba A.L

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Published: 8 March 2018 | Article Type :


This paper express the development of homogeneous curing age of compressive strength for lateritic soil modified with oyster shell. The study was to monitor the compressive strength at every twenty four hours, this is to observed increase rate of compressive strength at this period interval, several compressive strength in conventional practice are obtained at seven days interval to twenty eight days, this has been the conventional application used by other experts around the globe, compressive strength within seven days interval are not determine in the normal conventional application, the developed model generated theoretical values from the simulation, empirical data were used for validation, both parameters experienced increase but with slight variation due to some reaction from natural chemical deposition in the lateritic soil, these parameters observed favorable fits validating the derived model for the study. Experts will definitely use this model to monitor compressive strength at every twenty four hours interval.

Keywords: modeling, curing age, compressive strength, and oyster hell.

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