Predicting the Compressive Strength of Submerged Soil Modified with Calcium Carbonate in Coastal Area of Ahoada

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Eluozo S.N, Oba A. L

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Published: 19 January 2018 | Article Type :


This study monitor model development on soil characteristics for compressive strength in coastal area of Ahoada, submerged soil were observed to deposit in coastal area of Ahoada in Niger delta environment, there engineering properties are considered to be problematic components in design and construction, these are significant in terms of soil composition, gradation and strength parameters. Several experts have applied empirical solutions to generate data for stabilization of lateritic soil improved by some other substances, but modeling approach has not been applied, this has not developed any definite solution on the behaviuor of submerged soil strength in coastal environment. The study applied mathematical modeling techniques that predict submerged soil in coastal area, the study monitored the compressive strength of submerged soil modified with oyster shell, the behaviour of the oyster shell were express through the developed model simulation values, these results were validated with experimental data, and both parameters express favourable fits validating the model for the study.

Keywords: Predicting, compressive strength, submerged soil and calcium carbonate.

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