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Journal of Zoological Research

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Research Article
11 December 2023

First Sighting of the Harp Seal Pagophilus Groenlandicus (Carnivora: Phocida) on the Algerian Coast (North Africa)

Mourad Ahmim, Madjid Slimanou, Adel Garrout, Nabil Gehham, Mahmoud Bouherrar
Research Article
28 September 2023

Population Dynamics of the Demosponge Aplysina Aerophoba (Nardo 1833) in the Mediterranean Sea Using MtDNA COI Gene

Panagiotis Tsotoulidis, Joanne Sarantopoulou, Athanasios Exadactylos, Dimitris Vafidis, Dimitris Pafras, Georgios A. Gkafas