Journal of Zoological Research

Journal of Zoological Research

ISSN: 2637-5575 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2637-5575
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About Journal

The "Journal of Zoological Research" is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on the field of zoology. The journal aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of the latest research, developments, and advances in this field to an international audience of researchers, students, and professionals in the field of zoology.

The Journal of Zoological Research covers a wide range of topics related to the field of zoology, including animal behavior, ecology, evolution, conservation, and taxonomy. It also focuses on current research in areas such as wildlife management, animal physiology, and the impacts of human activities on wildlife populations. Additionally, the journal also covers emerging research on animal cognition, bioacoustics, and the genetics of wild populations, as well as the development of new technologies and methods for studying animals in their natural habitats. 

With a focus on the latest research and developments in the field, the "Journal of Zoological Research" is a valuable resource for researchers, students, and professionals in the field of zoology. The journal welcomes original research articles, review articles, case studies, and short communications that contribute to the advancement of the field of zoology.

Recently Published Articles

Research Article
11 December 2023

First Sighting of the Harp Seal Pagophilus Groenlandicus (Carnivora: Phocida) on the Algerian Coast (North Africa)

Mourad Ahmim, Madjid Slimanou, Adel Garrout, Nabil Gehham, Mahmoud Bouherrar
Research Article
28 September 2023

Population Dynamics of the Demosponge Aplysina Aerophoba (Nardo 1833) in the Mediterranean Sea Using MtDNA COI Gene

Panagiotis Tsotoulidis, Joanne Sarantopoulou, Athanasios Exadactylos, Dimitris Vafidis, Dimitris Pafras, Georgios A. Gkafas