Journal of Religion and Theology

Journal of Religion and Theology

ISSN: 2637-5907 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2637-5907
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Aims and Scope

The Journal of Religion and Theology is a scholarly publication that aims to promote the study and understanding of religious traditions, beliefs, practices, and institutions from a variety of academic perspectives. The journal welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Theology and religious studies, including biblical studies, theology, ethics, and philosophy of religion
  • Comparative religion and interreligious dialogue
  • History of religions, including the study of religious texts, rituals, and movements
  • Anthropology of religion and the study of religious practices and beliefs in different cultural and social contexts
  • Sociology of religion and the study of the role of religion in society and politics
  • Psychology of religion and the study of the psychological and cognitive aspects of religious experiences and beliefs
  • Law and religion and the study of the relationship between legal systems and religious institutions and beliefs.

The journal encourages submissions from scholars of all disciplines, including theology, religious studies, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, and political science, as well as from researchers and practitioners in the field of religion. The journal is committed to publishing work of the highest quality, regardless of the author's religious or philosophical persuasion, and to providing a forum for open and respectful dialogue among scholars of different perspectives.