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Archives of Urology

ISSN: 2638-5228 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2638-5228
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Volume 5, Issue 1

Research Article
19 December 2023

Epidemiological, Clinical and Histological Profile of Urogenital Cancers in the Thies Region in Senegal

Kouka Scn, Thiam NM, Faye M, Diame A, Diop C, Diallo Y, Sylla C, Bentefouet L, Jalloh M
Case Report
22 September 2023

Penile Cancer: A Case Report and a Literature Review

Kouame B, Sani DSH, Drabo A, Noah B, Konan K, Coulibaly I, Dah G F, Konan PG, Dekou A
Research Article
7 August 2023

Psychogenic Urinary Retention in Females: Is it Real?

Ahmed Ghaith, Noor Al-Buloushi, Bahaa Elmenshawy, Samy Almasry, Shahad AlBusairi, Tariq F. Al-Shaiji
Research Article
5 July 2023

Iatrogenic Urogenital Fistulas: Causes and Management in a West African City

SIKPA Komi Hola, SEWA Edoe Viyome, AMOUZOU Efoe-Ga, AWANYOH Komlan Bruno-Yannick, BOTCHO Gnimdou, AGBEDEY Messan Semefa, NONOA Bawa, PADJA Essodina Rodrigue, LELOUA Essomindedou Adolphe, KPATCHA Matchonna Tchilabalo, TENGUE Kodjo