Afɔdepreko Christology: An Akan Christian Theology of Jesus’ Once-For-All Sacrifice

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Isaac Boaheng

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Published: 23 September 2020 | Article Type :


The issue of blood sacrifice is of great importance to Christians because of its connection with Christ’s death and with Christian soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). In the Akan community of Ghana, where traditional religion places high value on the atoning efficacy of blood sacrifice, a proper understanding of the atoning sacrifice of Christ has a high potential of enhancing people’s appreciation of the work Christ did on the cross for human salvation. Yet, not much research has been conducted on the subject for Akan Christians. This literature-based research was therefore conducted to develop an Akan Christian theology of the once-for-all sacrifice of Christ (referred to as Afɔdeprɛko Christology). After a brief study of the issue of blood sacrifice in both Akan and biblical contexts, the study proceeds to formulate an Akan Christian theology of Jesus’ once-for-all atonement. In the process, the study engages relevant portions of the lyrics of Bernice Offei’s song titled “mogya” (“blood”) as a way of developing oral theology in the Akan community in particular and Africa in general. The study concluded that Jesus’ sacrifice is enough to secure human redemption and to offer solution to all human existential needs; therefore, in the postresurrection era all traditional sacrifices intended for atonement must be stopped.

Keywords: Africa, Akan, Atonement, Blood, Christ, Sacrifice.

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Isaac Boaheng. (2020-09-23). "Afɔdepreko Christology: An Akan Christian Theology of Jesus’ Once-For-All Sacrifice." *Volume 4*, 3, 34-41