Improving the Quality of Teaching and Education Methods Prepare for Post-Corona Pandemic

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Hind El Baz

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Published: 21 November 2023 | Article Type : Review Article


The subject of this paper is to show the important part that humanity must prepare in the pandemic and beyondin order to be ready for any other pandemic in the future. This paper aims to evaluate teaching and education under COVID-19 impact and to extract lessons in this field to provide solution improving the quality of educators approaches through scientific evaluations, leading to multiple transparency mechanisms to increase the quality of teachers at all levels. We discuss issues and government consequences to provide full support for the provision of modern education requirements,the analysis showed that the teaching methods employed avoided a worsening of the student results under the observed one. This paper also includes students and teachers respond to the methods used to show important benefits to them.

Keywords: Covid-19, Teaching and Education, Pandemic and Beyond, Quality of Teachers, Education Methods, Feedback.

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Hind El Baz. (2023-11-21). "Improving the Quality of Teaching and Education Methods Prepare for Post-Corona Pandemic." *Volume 7*, 1, 21-27