Determining and Planning Listening Activities in Literary English as a Foreign Language Classes

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Azoua Mathias HOUNNOU

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Published: 14 November 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


Listening skill teaching is the everlasting challenge to teachers in EFL classroom. The present study aimed to investigate the determining and planning for listening activities in literary upper seventh grades classes in the municipality of Parakou (Benin Republic). Both EFL teachers and learners in upper seventh grades A1, A2 and B from in the secondary school of Zongo have been selected purposively as the participants. A total of 09 teachers and 59 learners were selected. Questionnaires, interviews and classroom observations have been used to collect data. Teachers focus on texts reading and storytelling as tools of measurement. From analysis, EFL teachers always plan listening activities and set clear goal with the learners. Moreover, teachers do not follow the guide’s content in designing and implementing listening activities. So, concrete actions are needed in Benin education system.

Keywords: Listening, Activities, EFL, Literary Upper Seventh Grades.

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Azoua Mathias HOUNNOU. (2023-11-14). "Determining and Planning Listening Activities in Literary English as a Foreign Language Classes." *Volume 7*, 1, 15-20