Genetic Evolution and Adaptation of Population. A Review

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Alireza Goodarzi

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Published: 4 February 2020 | Article Type :


Genetic evolution has been a topic of interest since antiquity. The science behind it has been questioned and simultaneously answered time and again .The aim of the review is to delineate the importance of the purpose of genetic evolution. Content analysis method is used in this review. It will be prodigious discuss how genetic evolution aids organisms- coming from various backgrounds with numerous unique characteristics- to not become extinct easily. This research mainly focuses on the diverse evolutionary concepts that will expose the secret behind the continuance of species and their populations, despite the drastic changes that repeatedly take place in their surrounding environment. The study, therefore, found how the environment and natural selection cause adaptive evolution among species. Thus, it provides understanding of the survival mechanism of the species in their habitats.

Keywords: Adaptation, Evolution, Population, Genetic

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