Fundamentals of Genetic Science in the Holy Quran

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Dr. Mohammad reza Afroogh

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Published: 12 November 2019 | Article Type :


The Holy Qur'an does not only disagree with the sciences of the day, but also agrees with them, but this does not mean that the Qur'an is a pure science book. Rather, the Quran confirms science, and science is only a part of the knowledge of the Qur'an's scripture for human understanding and guidance. Humans spent many years learning about the secret between production and reproduction among plants, while this mystery has no place in the earlier scriptures such as the Torah and the Bible. I do not know why God made the Holy Quran an exception in this regard, but whatever it is, it is nothing but a divine miracle that every day a new reality is discovered through sophisticated experiments, and then Muslims find out why God in the Quranic verses said:” plants marry with each other.” Perhaps the Muslims themselves once did not have the right answers to these questions, and we know that the history of genetic science is not more than two hundred years old. Genetic science today has become a two-fold human and plant classes that in both cases God has spoken in the Qur'an for many years, so with the advancement of science and technology and the pioneering technologies in the field of nanotechnology, our awareness of the holy Quran and its miraculous verses becomes more and deeper. In this study we try to reveal some fundamentals of genetic science in the holy Quran.

Keywords: Genetics, Human, Holy Quran, Marriage, Divine Miracle.

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