Diurnal Assessment of Air Quality at Zuba Motor Park, Abuja of Nigeria

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Ishaya S, Chinenyenwa Uchechukwu Esiaba, Tochukwu Ikediashi

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Published: 30 November 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


Exposure to air pollutants is increasing respiratory and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality with developing countries still experiencing the worst air pollution. This stimulates this study on diurnal assessment of air quality at Zuba Motor Park, Abuja of Nigeria. Air pollutants data (CO, SO2, NO2, PM, VOCs and NO), were collected at the centre of Zuba Motor Park. Measurement of the air pollutants was carried out three times (morning, afternoon and evening) in a day for a duration of 7 days in December 2022 with the intention to get a comparative result that would show the intensity at various times of the day and how they contribute in air pollution. Statistical analysis was performed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version (22.0). AQI was calculated using US.EPA equation. Results shows that the concentration of CO, SO2, PM2.5 and PM10 are more in the morning and evening (6a.m. - 7a.m. and 6p.m. - 7p.m.) when traffic volumes were high within the Motor Park. The ambient concentration of CO and SO2 at the motor park in the morning exceeds the NESREA permissible limit creating threat to human health same goes to PM2.5 at the motor park in the morning and evening for only the working days that was above the NESREA permissible limit while PM10 for all time of the day and all days of the week were within the NESREA permissible limit. The study also conclude there is potential hazards during the morning and evening period in the study area for SO2, CO and PM2.5 with the pollutants of health risk to hawkers, road users and transport workers. Based on the findings of this study, there is a need for promoting and sensitizing the vulnerable and sensitive groups on the dangers of air pollution and there is for consistent vehicle inspection with vehicle emission testers to determine the emission status of vehicles patronizing Zuba Motor Park.

Keywords: Diurnal, Air Quality, Zuba Motor Park, Ambient.

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Ishaya S, Chinenyenwa Uchechukwu Esiaba, Tochukwu Ikediashi. (2023-11-30). "Diurnal Assessment of Air Quality at Zuba Motor Park, Abuja of Nigeria." *Volume 5*, 1, 54-63