Antitermitic Activity of Woods Impregnated with Medical Plant Mentha Spicata (Mint) Extract against Subterranean Termite

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Khalid Z Rasib, Shanzy Rehman, Ayesha Aithetsham

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Published: 29 March 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


Subterranean termites destroy wooden structures and feed on cellulose-based products throughout the world, incurring significant economic damage. The investigation is being conducted to determine the effectiveness of medicinal plant Mentha spicata (Mint) extracts against subterranean termites under laboratory and field conditions in order to monitor termite activity. In laboratory bioassays, the anti-termitic and repellent effects of Mentha spicata (Mint) extracts were studied at various concentrations, i.e., 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10%. After performing a repellency test, it was noted that the medicinal plant M. spicata extract is repellant at higher dosages and non-repellant at lower dosages. The same thing happens in anti-termite tests: the mortality rate is low at lower doses and high at higher doses. Four different types of wood species named A. pindrow, C. deodara, A. arabica and P. euramericana were treated with M. spicata extract and buried in the active nest of termites for three months under suitable conditions. The field trial was held at the Wagha border, 30 kilometers from Lahore. In field trials, choice and no-choice bioassays were performed. After trials, it has been noted that P. euramericana is the maximum wood consumed and C. deodara is the minimum wood consumed in nochoice field trials. In field trials, termites feed on P. euramericana, a more appealing wood, and A. arabica, a less appealing wood. So the result is that M. spicata extract is a non-repellent medicinal plant.

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Khalid Z Rasib, Shanzy Rehman, Ayesha Aithetsham. (2023-03-29). "Antitermitic Activity of Woods Impregnated with Medical Plant Mentha Spicata (Mint) Extract against Subterranean Termite." *Volume 5*, 1, 1-11