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Open Journal of Otolaryngology

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Volume 5, Issue 1

Research Article
9 July 2024

Assessment of Preoperative and Postoperative Hearing Following Type 1 Tympanoplasty: A Retrospective Study

Kishore Kumar Halder, Mufti Mahtub Moontasir Bhuiyan, Partha Barai
Case Report
24 June 2024

Survey on the Management of Acute Ear in the ENT-CCF Department of the Ignace Deen National Hospital, Conakry (Guinea)

Diallo OA, Diallo AG, Camara A, Kolie H, Diallo AA, Diallo KP, Sinayoko A, Guemou G, Diallo AO
Case Report
17 June 2024

Tonic Tympanic Tensor Muscle Syndrome: About a Case at the ENT Unit of the Douala General Hospital

Esthelle Geneviève Stephanie Minka Ngom, Florent Dimitri Badang, Asmaou Bouba Dalil, Patrice Mendel Nzogang, Kuifo Cedric, Louis Richard Njock, Ahmadou Njifou Njimah