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Open Access Journal of Nursing

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The "Open Access Journal of Nursing" is a peer-reviewed open access journal that focuses on the field of nursing. The journal aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of the latest research, developments, and advances in this field to an international audience of researchers, healthcare professionals, and students.

The journal covers a wide range of topics related to nursing, including patient care, nursing education, nursing management, nursing research, and nursing practice. The journal welcomes original research articles, review articles, case reports, and short communications that contribute to the advancement of the field of nursing.

With a focus on the latest research and developments, the "Open Access Journal of Nursing" is a valuable resource for researchers, healthcare professionals, and students in the field of nursing. It aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of the latest research and advancements in nursing, promote the exchange of scientific knowledge among researchers and clinicians, and provide a valuable resource for researchers, healthcare professionals, and students in the field of nursing.

Recently Published Articles

Research Article
12 April 2024

Association between Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Pecerption of Juveniel Deliquency Prevention among Minors in Abia State, Nigeria

Emeonye Odochi. P, Okoroafor Chimezie, Agu Ifenyinwa, Nwatu Madukaibeya, Nwakanma Odochi
Research Article
4 November 2023

Effect of Hemodialysis Duration on Urea Reduction Ratio and KT/V Target among End-Stage Renal Failure Patients

Jack Datu, Annamma Kunjukunju, Aini Ahmad, Nurul Fariza, Jamizan Jeemaun
Research Article
3 November 2023

Attitude and Satisfaction towards Video-Based Psychomotor Skill Training in the Skill Laboratory among Undergraduate Nursing Students

Kou Heang Hoon, Annamma Kunjukunju, Maznah Ahmad, Nor Laili Ahmad, Nurul Fariza Mohammed Mustafa
Research Article
31 October 2023

Knowledge and Practice of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) among Registered Nurses

Masniza Chik, Aini Ahmad, Annamma Kunjukunju, Mariyani Omar, Nurul Fariza, Puziah Yusof
Research Article
20 October 2023

Methodologies That Improve Self-Compassion in Dementia Family Caregivers: A Systematic Review

Yoshihiro Saito, Satomi Takeshita, Ryo Nakamoto
Research Article
3 October 2023

Determination of Smoke Particulates and Formaldehyde Removal from the Surgical Site by a Smoke Evacuator

Mordechai G. Sadowsky, Shawn K. Horner, Jeffrey W. Clymer, Crystal D. Ricketts
Research Article
8 August 2023

Knowledge and Practices Regarding Ventilator Care Bundle for Preventing Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP) Among Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurses

Maznah Ya’acob, Aini Ahmad, Annamma Kunjukunju, Nurul Fariza Mohd Mustafa, Norhanisah Chukari
Research Article
15 June 2023

Determinants of Online Game Addiction Among Indonesian Adolescents

Samsidar, Marthoenis, Teuku Tahlil
Research Article
14 June 2023

Determinants of Patient Safety Culture Amongst Nurses at East Aceh Regional General Hospital

Cut Nana Mardiana,Teuku Tahlil, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah