Archives of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care

Archives of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care

ISSN: 2638-5007 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2638-5007
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All About BRASH!

Ho Kang Hua Lucius, Fatimah Lateef

Patient-reported outcomes measures after six months of COVID-19: Impacts on health-related quality of life

Maiara Anschau Floriani, Andressa Barreto Glaeser, Isabelle Weschenfelder Zorzo, Marina Bessel, Andriele Abreu Castro, Mohamed Mutlaq Parrini, Luiz Antonio Nasi, Gisele Nader Bastos

A Systematic Review for Clinical Assessment of Syncope Pediatric Patients

Dilsat GUNDOGDU COBAN, Mehmet COBAN, Muhammet Mesut Nezir ENGIN, Serdar POP, Oner OZDEMIR

The Acute Renal Involvement in the Metabolic Syndrome

Gioacchino Li Cavoli, Pietro Tralongo, Giacomo Ferrantelli, Tancredi Vincenzo Li Cavoli, Mattia Palmeri, Angelo Ferrantelli, Franca Servillo, Angelo Tralongo

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