Archives of Community and Family Medicine

Archives of Community and Family Medicine

ISSN: 2638-4787 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2638-4787
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Volume 7, Issue 1

Research Article
9 May 2024

Effects of TENS on Patient with Neck Pain due to Cervical Spondylosis

Md. Ahamedur Reza, Shaila Sharmin Shahnewaz, Rajee Mahmud Talukder, Dr. Maksuda Begum Mony, Enamul Haque, Dr. Md. Shakil Younus
Research Article
6 May 2024

Improving Quality Metrics for Adolescents: Lessons Learned from a Clinically Integrated Network’s Regional Quality Improvement Initiative

Claire O. Boogaard, Charlotte Harper, Erica Weiner, Mark Weissman, Terry Lindquist, Eduardo Fox
Research Article
19 February 2024

Drug and Its Impact on Students: A Study on Rural and Urban Perspective

Mohammad Shahjahan, Md Monoarul Haque