Annals of Global History

Annals of Global History

ISSN: 2642-8172 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2642-8172
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Aims and Scope

The scope of the journal Annals of Global History covers a wide range of historical research, specifically focusing on global and comparative perspectives. The journal welcomes submissions on a wide range of historical topics, including but not limited to:

  • The history of international relations, empires, and colonialism
  • The history of globalization and transnational connections
  • The history of economic and social systems on a global scale
  • The history of migrations, diasporas, and transnational communities
  • The history of environmental change and its impact on human societies
  • The history of science, technology, and medicine in a global context
  • The history of gender, race, and other forms of social inequality in a global perspective
  • The history of religion and cultural exchange in a global context
  • The history of warfare and conflict in a global context

The journal also encourages submissions that use interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches, and that apply global historical perspectives to current issues and challenges.