Aerobic Activities and their Effects on the Level of General and Special Endurance of Students

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Grinko Vitaliy, Shepelenko Tetiana, Kudelko Viktoriya, Dorosh Mykola, Chernina Svitlana

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Published: 31 March 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


The results of the analysis of the survey data to identify students with their relation to the assessment of the physical qualities and their own level of physical fitness, in particular - endurance. It was found that the students understand the important influence of endurance and its importance in solving the problems of preparation for employment, and they realize that it is the physical quality of most of them have developed worse than the others solve. One of the main tasks of physical education students during their studies in higher education is to strengthen and improve their health and continue the process of forming their need for physical education. Young people who entered the university, falls under the influence of unusual social factors associated with the need of creative assimilation of large amounts of information, due to the necessity of forming specific professional skills and abilities, and unusual conditions of student life. Feeling discomfort occurs primarily in junior student. This phenomenon can be called “the inability of young people to study in higher education” and it is associated with the following factors: differences in methods and organization of teaching at the university, which differ from school and require a significant increase in autonomy in learning educational material; between the lack of well-established personal relationships, that the contact group, which is typical for a new team in its formative stages; the destruction of the life of the old stereotype that has emerged over the years of schooling, and the formation of a new, “university”; new worries for admission to universities associated with the planning and organization of its educational and free time. To overcome this “university” discomfort of the young man required a significant investment of physical, mental and moral strength. In order to offset the costs of these forces called physical education, which should also be part of preparing students for future careers. Also do not forget that the system- function physical training has two mutually caused facets – pedagogical (educational) and social (recreational), which suggests the modern physical culture as a holistic socio – educational system, the main function of which is health and educational that modern students do not have to be mentioned.

Keywords: Interest, Aerobic classes, A positive attitude, General and Special endurance, Physical qualities, Athletic orientation.

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Research Article

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Grinko Vitaliy, Shepelenko Tetiana, Kudelko Viktoriya, Dorosh Mykola, Chernina Svitlana. (2023-03-31). "Aerobic Activities and their Effects on the Level of General and Special Endurance of Students." *Volume 5*, 1, 10-14