The Role of the Media in Shaping New Social Movements in the Islamic Awakening

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Abdolreza Alishahi, Anna Popov

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Published: 6 February 2020 | Article Type :


The decision-making, power-building, and state-nation relations processes (in terms of legitimacy and legitimacy) are affected by the power relationship between state and nation as two fundamental components of a modern political entity; therefore, a kind of geopolitical match between state and nation. It is known that depending on the type of competition, the form of the political system will be affected. Role-playing in the public sphere and nations is a development that is referred to in the geopolitical literature as public geopolitics. Critical definition of public geopolitics examines the power relations in shaping the geopolitical perceptions of individuals and groups in relation to the media; in the meantime, the political developments in North Africa and the Arab Middle East over the past few years (albeit) each have their own characteristics. And many governments have been overthrown, but these developments cannot be analyzed in the traditional literature of the revolution. Therefore, this article seeks to answer the question with a descriptive approach and a descriptive-analytical approach: “From a general geopolitical perspective, what? A factor in the emergence of social movements and the deconstruction of the Middle East and what has led to North Africa? ”In response, we have suggested that the formation of Arab Middle East movements and the overthrow of authoritarian and inefficient Arab regimes, in contrast to the spheres of power between the two spheres of government elites and popular strata, is a fundamental political construct. Therefore, from the geopolitical point of view, the mentioned developments are formed as a result of the confrontations and tensions in the field of general geopolitics and the geopolitical field of the (specific) state.

Keywords: Middle East, Media, Islamic Awakening, Authoritarian Regimes.

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Abdolreza Alishahi, Anna Popov. (2020-02-06). "The Role of the Media in Shaping New Social Movements in the Islamic Awakening." *Volume 2*, 1, 28-38