Analysis of Narratives in Online Comments on Daddy Freeze Anti-Tithe Postulations

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Ebere Okonkwo, Chinenye Nwabueze

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Published: 28 January 2020 | Article Type :


This study examines narratives in online comments on Daddy Freeze’s Anti-tithe arguments. It adopts the qualitative content analysis method to look at 22 comments by pastors and other personality to ascertain the content of their arguments and postulations for or against the position of Daddy Freeze on Tithing. The objectives of study are, to find out the direction of comments on Daddy Freeze’s anti-tithe position, to ascertain the sources of those comments, and to establish the dominant frame of those comments. The findings revealed that while Daddy Freeze premised his position on scriptural backings from both old and new testament of the Bible, most of the pastors and others who spoke against his position based their stand primarily on the Old Testament scripture of Malachi 3:10. It was also found that most of the pastors and others that were against Daddy Freeze’s position resorted to name-calling and insult on his personality instead of addressing his position on tithing. It was recommended among others that the clergy should not get angry when people raise controversial issues on tithing but should address the issue where necessary based on vast biblical backings.

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Ebere Okonkwo, Chinenye Nwabueze. (2020-01-28). "Analysis of Narratives in Online Comments on Daddy Freeze Anti-Tithe Postulations." *Volume 2*, 1, 14-27