The Impact of Cyber Power in the Age of the New Cold War

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Abdolreza Alishahi, Zahra HosseinPour, Hamid Soleimani Souchelmaei

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Published: 6 November 2019 | Article Type :


If until just a few years ago, the Cold War and the arms race of the two great powers of the West and the East were the primary concern of the rulers and peoples of the world; It has become a strategic issue for the world. In this space you may be using tools and not knowing that they will be used against you. For example, the very same tool you use is used to spy on you, and you do not realize that you are your main victim. In this space you cannot be sure that no one is following you and may use this tool against you to achieve more violent ends. The notions of power and soft warfare became a paradigm of political-security-cultural domains, after a period of accumulation of literature during the Cold War in the late twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium. The Internet is one of the largest systems ever designed, engineered and implemented by humans. It is a huge network of millions of computers with multiple users and multiple purposes, but is ultimately interconnected as a single, global network and the role of this media user and its role in stimulating movements. A society that quickly crosses national borders and causes social anomalies cannot be ignored. So today, the importance of the Internet in the cyber space has doubled for countries. This article examines the analysis of the new Cold War and the competition between world powers in cyberspace.

Keywords: cyber power, modern age, cold war, media, global competition.

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Abdolreza Alishahi, Zahra HosseinPour, Hamid Soleimani Souchelmaei. (2019-11-06). "The Impact of Cyber Power in the Age of the New Cold War." *Volume 1*, 3, 40-48