Behavioral Modification of Nigerian Youths against Illegal Migration through Purposeful Advertising

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Ade-Johnson, Christiana Shade

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Published: 28 June 2019 | Article Type :


International migration has become one of the most debated topics in many developed and developing countries. Migration—both voluntary and forced—is on the rise and has become a global phenomenon. People, especially youths whose hopes have increasingly become high are moving in larger numbers faster and further than at any other time in history due to incessant advertisement about easy got wealth, job and other basics necessities in developed countries. However, so many risks ranging from kidnapping, rape, trafficking to health complications and, in some cases, death have been associated with illegal migration. Meanwhile, Advertising has been recognized to be a powerful tool to influence the mind of the target audience. In view of this, the paper discussed how illegal migration could be discouraged using Advertising. Ameritest’s Television Advertising Model was used to drive this discussion.

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Ade-Johnson, Christiana Shade. (2019-06-28). "Behavioral Modification of Nigerian Youths against Illegal Migration through Purposeful Advertising." *Volume 1*, 2, 42-48