Sabus and Vacuna: Proto-Scythian Eponyms in Ancient Italic Peoples

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Giampietro Fabbri

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Published: 1 July 2020 | Article Type :


In this study, two of the most important Sabine deities, Sabus and Vacuna, are considered. Their names are analysed and derived from eponyms which are characteristic of Proto-Scythian global culture. Moreover, the ethnogesesis of the sabine people is investigated in order to understand the origin of the deities, their cults, and their names. To this aim, the peopling of ancient Central Italy is studied by considering the ancient sources and the results of a diffusion model based on the time and space distributions of ancient and current geographical names and ethnonyms. The migrations to Italy of peoples contributing to the population of Central Italy are then distinguished and changes in people names are demonstrated. On the basis of ethnogenesis of the Sabine people, the customs related by ancient sources are explained and the relationships between the Sabine eponymous deities and those of other Italic peoples are highlighted. In particular, the relatioships with Feronia and Bellona goddesses are analyzed. These deities are recognized as the eponymous goddesses of some Proto-Etruscan tribes.

Keywords: Ancient migrations, Italic Peoples, Italic Eponyms, Sabines, Proto-Scythians, Proto-Etruscans.

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Giampietro Fabbri. (2020-07-01). "Sabus and Vacuna: Proto-Scythian Eponyms in Ancient Italic Peoples." *Volume 2*, 2, 30-46