Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Free Zones in Iran Case Study: Chabahar Free Zone

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Esmaeil Dashtban, Abdolreza Alishahi

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Published: 13 March 2020 | Article Type :


Chabahar is considered one of the most important economic and commercial pillars of Iran . Due to its proximity to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, countries of Central Asia, the margin countries of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea as the world's largest energy sources and easy access to the mainland of Iran, the region has the greatest opportunities and advantages for domestic and Foreign investors. Multifaceted transportation of air, land and sea, located in the safest and closest direction to world markets, is another part of the benefits of the Chabahar Free Zone. There are many legal and legal advantages to invest in the Chabahar Free Zone, including investment guarantees based on the law of encouraging and supporting foreign investment in Iran, and the possibility of transferring 100% of capital and profits from the activities of registered individuals Foreigners are abroad. Tax exemption of 100% for income and assets for 20 years and renewable, exemption from entry of machinery and raw materials consumed by units from customs import duties, free export of manufactured goods of each region from the general provisions of export and import, and exemption from customs regulations for manufactured goods units The industrial area has been considered for other countries to export to the mainland the value added of domestic raw materials. Investors in the Chabahar Free Zone have the potential to use foreign labor force at the rate of 10% of the total workforce in the region, and the investor is also allowed to retail. In this paper, the authors of the paper are analyzing opportunities and challenges and presenting strategies for the development of the Chabahar Free Zone .

Keywords: Chabahar, Free Zone, Economic Development, Implementation Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities.

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Esmaeil Dashtban, Abdolreza Alishahi. (2020-03-13). "Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Free Zones in Iran Case Study: Chabahar Free Zone." *Volume 2*, 1, 39-50