Effect of Specific Manipulative Therapy Treatment in Cervico-Brachial Pain Syndrome

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Abul Hasnat Mohiuddin, Mohan Nallathambi, Md. Nazrul Islam

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Published: 7 June 2021 | Article Type :


Introduction: The heterogeneity of the cervico-Brachial pain syndrome mutual with the diverse focus of manual therapy procedure makes it difficult to construe the evidence as to the effectiveness of precise manual therapy for specific chronic neck problems. Maitland manual therapies have been used in clinical trials of physiotherapy, nevertheless a small number of if any have used a believable non detailed manual therapy or gesture.

Purpose: To assess current levels of evidence on the effectiveness of manual therapy interventions for patients with cervico-brachial pain.
Objectives: To find out the socio demographic characteristic (age, sex, education) of cervico- brachial pain of participants, to determine the clinical effect of a specific manual therapy techniques on individuals with Cervico-Brachial pain syndrome, to explore the McGill Pain, Northwick Park, Global Rating of Change & Goniometric status due to Cervico-Brachial pain.

Methodology: An Experimental research design for this study with pre test and post test from the Cervico-Brachial pain patient in with 75 participants were collected from OPD, Department of Physiotherapy, Gonoshasthaya Medical College, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Mirzanagar, Savar, Dhaka and Department of Physiotherapy & Orthopedic, National Institute of Trauma and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (NITOR), Dhaka and captured in Excel, using an SPSS 21.0 version programs.

Results: The entire contestants 75 of this study. The age group was participant from 21-54 years. Mean 33 and (SD±8.599). Among the 75 participants 92% (n=69) were Muslim and 5.3% (n=4) were Hindu in religion and Christian were 2.7% (n=2). Distribution of respondent’s neck pain affected by the length of services among the total population (n=75), job length more than 10 years 14.7% (n=11), Job length more than 7 years percentage of affected respondents were 10.7% (n=16), secondary school certificate 8% (n=6), higher secondary school certificate 10.66% (n=8), Bachelor degree 44% (n=33). And master degree 37.3% (n=28).

Conclusion: In this study cervical Maitland mobilization is an efficient management for cervico-brachial pain. More exclusively a Maitland mobilization technique, It increases the range of motion that is possible in the neck with upper limbs and it dwindle the pain. They compared it with ultrasound, IFT, IRR which doesn’t have any effect. The study chains the connoisseur opinion that in patients with cervicobrachial pain the preliminary treatment of the mechanical interface through cervical mobilization appears preferable to Maitland mobilizing treatment.

Keywords: Physiotherapy modalities, Maitland mobilization, cervicobrachial pain, McGill pain, Northwick Park, Global rating of change.

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Abul Hasnat Mohiuddin, Mohan Nallathambi, Md. Nazrul Islam. (2021-06-07). "Effect of Specific Manipulative Therapy Treatment in Cervico-Brachial Pain Syndrome." *Volume 4*, 1, 24-33