Effect of Sustained Acoustic Medicine on Bruising Following A Bicycle Crash

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David O. Draper

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Published: 16 November 2020 | Article Type :


In late September, 2020 a man was riding his mountain bike on a trail. Half-way into his ride his bike flipped and he fell off. His hip hit a rock. On examination 1 hour later he noticed a severe bruise on his hip. He immediately applied RICES for the next 2 days, except when he was sleeping. His on-off ratio for the RICES was 90-min “on”, 90 “min” off. Two days later he quit using RICES. Three days later he used sustained acoustic ultrasound (SAM) a small, portable ultrasound that can be used for up to 4hrs. Photos were taken after the 3rd and 6th treatment. There was lots of flesh colored tissue on the skin where the leg was treated with SAM.

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David O. Draper. (2020-11-16). "Effect of Sustained Acoustic Medicine on Bruising Following A Bicycle Crash." *Volume 3*, 2, 15-17