A Systematic Review of Competence in the Chinese Yellow Wine Industry and Its Business Strategies

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Yang Jie, Nurkhalida Makmor, Asad Ur Rehman

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Published: 12 January 2024 | Article Type : Research Article


Chinese yellow wine is the most ancient wine in China, which owes a unique brewing process and bears abundant and relevant wine culture. The consumption groups of yellow wine are mainly concentrated so the production quantity of yellow wine is much less than other wines. In addition, many customers only consider it as a kind of sauce in the cooking process, instead of drinking wine. Furthermore, the production of yellow wine still relies on manual work and it is not complicated to enter this industry, causing small workshops to be far from reaching the economy of scale and lacking the ability to control risks. Therefore, discussing the hindrances to the development of yellow wine and providing some strategies is much more important.
In this study, we review the literature on forging corporate competitiveness and applying appropriate business strategies in the Chinese yellow wine industry. They are the necessary way through which any company must go to survive the fierce market competition. More specifically, this study will first delve into the yellow wine industry, and then illustrate some strategies used in the wine industry. Hence, it can deeply identify more suitable business strategies. Finally, several suggestions corresponding to industrial problems would be made.

Keywords: Corporate Competitiveness, Business Strategies, Yellow Wine Industry.

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Yang Jie, Nurkhalida Makmor, Asad Ur Rehman. (2024-01-12). "A Systematic Review of Competence in the Chinese Yellow Wine Industry and Its Business Strategies." *Volume 4*, 1, 1-7