Primary Closure in the Management of Gastroschisis

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Gajendra Nath Mahato, Ipshita Biswas, Anima sarkar

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Published: 7 June 2024 | Article Type : Research Article


Background: Gastroschisis is a major abdominal wall defect in pediatric surgery. Complete reduction and primary closure of the defect can be done quickly sometimes, but sometimes, the majority portion of the gut and other organs, when eviscerated, cannot be returned immediately to the abdominal cavity. This situation is a significant contributor to the outcome of the treatment of gastroschisis in our region. In our efforts to improve the outcomes of gastroschisis.

Methodology: Primary closure did the patient reach the hospital within 2 to 12 hours, and eviscerated gut was found to be less edematous and less contaminated.

Results: Fifteen cases were included in the study. Primary closure was done in all cases.

Conclusion: Primary closure in managing gastroschisis may be the best option. If a patient is diagnosed prenatally, come to the hospital as early as possible.

Keywords: Gastroschisis, Modified silo, Closure, Morbidity, Mortality.

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Gajendra Nath Mahato, Ipshita Biswas, Anima sarkar. (2024-06-07). "Primary Closure in the Management of Gastroschisis." *Volume 7*, 1, 1-5