Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Current Concepts

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Ana Beatriz Moimaz, Mirto N Prandini

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Published: 17 September 2020 | Article Type :


Introduction: Guillian Barré (GBS) syndrome is the most important cause of generalized flaccid paralysis in the world, characterized by rapidly progressive and ascending muscle weakness. The association with arbourviroses has been reported in several occasions although its exact cause is still unknown.

Objectives: In view of the occurrence of the appearance of chikungunya and the Zika virus in recent years and the reported increase of cases of GBS and more recently the Covid 19 infection, we decided to update the new concepts regarding the syndrome.

Methods: A research was carried out based on papers published in English and Portuguese literature from 1997 to 2016

Conclusions: GBC has still several obscure aspects. The association with previous infections could be demonstrated but does not encompass all explanations regarding the disease.

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Ana Beatriz Moimaz, Mirto N Prandini. (2020-09-17). "Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Current Concepts." *Volume 3*, 2, 1-6