Emointelligence Equation (I=T*Eα*ε) and One Nature - One Emotion - One Health (ONE-H) Concepts

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Hafedh Abdelmelek, Amel Hanini, Mohamed Dridi, Amen Allah Amri

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Published: 19 December 2019 | Article Type :


Our previous theories and research suggests that contact with natural environments improves emotional well-being and creativity. Interestingly, the effect of nature on positive emotion effects varies with type of emotion assessment, type of exposure to nature, geographical location, and age of people or animals. The present theory and research based on One Nature-One Emotion-One Health (ONE-H) are discussed with emointelligence equation examining the effects of nature on well-being and Health. Emointelligence equation in Human and Animals have many common rules and algorithms. This manuscript is intended to study, discuss and interpret the EmoIntelligence equation for Nature, Animal, Human and universe I=T*Eα*ε (I: Intelligence or Innovation, T: Time, E: Emotion, α: Factor andε: coefficient). By looking for possible interaction between Universe, Nature, Human and Animals we attempt to introduce an innovative concept called ONE-H.

Keywords: Emotion, Intelligence; Emotional bank system, universe, nature, well-being.

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