Parkinson's Disease and Frontal Lobe Dysfunction. Review

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Dr. Julio Lopez Arguelles, Lic Aleima B Rodriguez Carbajal, Dr. Leydi M. Sosa Aguila

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Published: 17 December 2019 | Article Type :


The frontal lobes occupy a third of the cerebral cortex in humans. The frontal lobe represents the most important neuroanatómica basis of the human complex behavior, where there are represented the larger differences that differentiate us from the rest of animals. It has been demonstrated that the signs of frontal dysfunction are well represented in dementias of subcortical pattern, whose prototype well can be Parkinson’s disease. in Parkinson’s disease the degenerative process involves the frontal lobes with different areas involved as the motor and premotor cortex, and dorsolateral and cingular areas, resulting in the appearance of classical frontal syndromes, furthermore demonstrates the affectation of different ways and neurotransmitters involved.

Keywords: Parkinson’s disease, frontal dysfunction, disexecutive syndrome.

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