Calcium Cerebral Emboli, A Diagnostic Challenge: Two New Reports

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Claudia Rodriguez-Lopez, Federico Ballenilla Marco, Jaime Diaz Guzman

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Published: 6 December 2018 | Article Type :


Calcium cerebral emboli represent an unusual aetiology of ischemic strokes. However, they are not the only cause of intracranial intravascular calcium density images, as far as complicated atheromatous plaques have a very similar appearance and typical localization (i.e. the proximal middle cerebral artery). Nonetheless, an accurate identification of both types of intravascular calcium images in the set of an Acute Stroke Code is very relevant, given that the most appropriate therapy is different in each case as a consequence of their distinct underlying physiopathology. We present two cases of ischemic stroke secondary to calcium cerebral emboli, one of which undergone endovascular treatment, and we discuss the keys for the recognition of this entity as well as its management.

Keywords: Calcium cerebral emboli, Complicated intracranial atherosclerosis, Acute ischemic stroke.

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