Comparison of EEG Signals of Cerebral Palsy Patients after Standard and rTMS Therapy

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Ankita Tiwari, O.P. Singh, Dinesh Bhatia

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Published: 8 May 2018 | Article Type :


Objectives: Study the effect of repetitive TMS at different frequencies and compare them with standard therapy (physical therapy or PT).

Methods: In this paper results are observed on the basis of sensorimotor response (SMR) and Beta wave values generated in the frontal lobe collected from 36 CP patients, out of which 12 patients were provided PT only, 5Hz rTMS + PT in other 12 patients and 10Hz rTMS + PT in the remaining 12 patients was provided for 20 days duration. The patients who were treated with PT as well as rTMS were administered a 30 minutes session comprising of 10 minutes rTMS and 20 minutes of PT.

Results: The results showed improved SMR and Beta median in case of patients administered 10 Hz rTMS in comparison to those administered 5 Hz and standard therapy

Conclusion: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator has been used for providing rehabilitation to CP and other neuro disorders. It provided at various frequencies for improving patient’s condition. In this study it is proved that repetitive TMS at 10 Hz frequency is beneficial for muscle spasticity and motor control because it improves frontal lobe SMR which is responsible for motor control and beta which is for muscle spasticity.
Significance: Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive motor disorder. It has been described as continuous but changing disorder of posture and movement and its symptom shows in early years of life. This disorder mostly affects children who suffers by perception disturbances, sensation, musculoskeletal problem and epilepsy. These problems are caused by disturbance in cortical or subcortical section of brain. To control these abnormal activities, certain therapies are employed to treat these children. Previously, physical therapy (PT) training was the only way which was employed to provide muscle relaxation therapy to the patient. However, nowadays, PT is accompanied with a new non-invasive Neurostimulation method which is known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). This therapy has been found to help in decreasing muscle tone in CP patients.

Keywords: Spastic Cerebral Palsy; Physical Therapy; rTMS; SMR; Beta waves.

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