Factors Responsible for Non-Communicable Diseases Except Diabetes among Bangladeshi Adults

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Published: 20 December 2019 | Article Type :


Except diabetes there are 3 groups of non-communicable diseases which depend on lifestyles and socioeconomic factors. Due to these diseases annually 41 million people die worldwide and 85 percent of this deaths occur in low-and middle income countries. Bangladesh is now a middle income country, and it has a burden of almost half of the annual mortality due to non-communicable diseases. In this paper, attempt was made to identify the factors responsible for different types of non-communicable diseases except diabetes among Bangladeshi adults. For the purpose, 808 adults were investigated and observed that 31.7 percent of them were of ages 50 years and above and 31.3 percent of them were suffering from one or more of the NCDs excluding diabetes against the overall 21.9 percent sufferers from the NCDs. The other associated variables with the diseases were residence, marital status, education, occupation, BMI, smoking habit, habit of taking restaurant and can food. But as major factors responsible for the diseases, the factor analysis identified the variables age, education, occupation and marital status .

Keywords: Prevalence of different diseases, socioeconomic factors, risk ratio, factor analysis

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K.C.Bhuyan. (2019-12-20). "Factors Responsible for Non-Communicable Diseases Except Diabetes among Bangladeshi Adults." *Volume 2*, 2, 22-29