Drug and Its Impact on Students: A Study on Rural and Urban Perspective

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Mohammad Shahjahan, Md Monoarul Haque

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Published: 19 February 2024 | Article Type : Research Article


Drug addiction among students is one of the most widely discussed contemporary issues in Bangladesh. The general objective of the study is crucially analysis the nature and impact of drug addiction on students in urban and rural life of Bangladesh. The study was mostly exploratory in nature. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques, stratified and purposive sampling were used to choose the drug addicted student for the purpose of the questionnaire survey. Drug rehabilitation centres and hospital were also randomly selected. The age of maximum respondent is belonging to 22-24 years (23.75%). Respondents mostly took cigarette (95.2%), yaba (80.96%), marijuana (74.8%) as well as almost all type of drugs. The concerning fact is that, nearly 93% respondent were found involved in illegal activities for managing drugs. They are mostly involved in violence offences (93.75%), property related offences (86.25%), breaches (98.75%) and traffic offences (78.33%). Based on this research finding, we can recommend that all concerned including guardians, officials, socio-cultural activists, teachers, students, religious leaders, academicians, professionals, anti-drug campaigners, civil society members and elite should come out and make efforts to save the future generation from the curse of drug abuse.

Keywords: Drug Abuse, Crime, Students, Offences, Treatment

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Mohammad Shahjahan, Md Monoarul Haque. (2024-02-19). "Drug and Its Impact on Students: A Study on Rural and Urban Perspective." *Volume 7*, 1, 1-8