Caffeine Consumption: Habits and Knowledge of Medical Students Al- Mustansiriyah University

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Najlaa F. Jamil , Mayasah A. Sadiq , Alaa A. Salih

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Published: 5 May 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


Background: owing to the psychoactive nature of caffeine, medical students have a tendency to consume big amount of caffeine products in order to overwhelm the stress and tiredness, and to give them the alertness they need in their academic performance.

Objectives: to determine the rate, type, and reasons for caffeine consumption. As well as to assess the general knowledge of medical students about the benefits and side effects of caffeine.

Methodology: a cross sectional on line survey conducted by means of Google Form among students from the third, fourth, and fifth grades Mustansiriyah University, College of Medicine .The questionnaire was published on academic online groups for the period from first to 21st of May 2021, to outline the rate and reasons for caffeine consumption and general knowledge assessment.

Results: 356 students were enrolled in the study, the results showed that 305 (85.7%) of them stated they were caffeine consumers in any form, with predominance of female students (66%). Tea was the most consumed caffeine product (78.4%), followed by coffee (60.7%). Most of the students (69%) consume caffeine 1-2 times a day, while only (6%) consume it more than 4 times. The pivotal reason for caffeine consumption was to feel alert (50.5%).

Out of 70% of caffeine consumers stated that their consumption of caffeine products increased upon enrollment to medical school. Overall, general knowledge was inadequate. Better knowledge was reported for side effects and with drawl symptoms.

Conclusion: High proportions of medical students were found to be consuming caffeine mainly in form of tea. However, their use is still in the safe side. Most Students consume more caffeine during exams.

Keywords: Caffeine, Consumption, Habits, knowledge, medical students, AL- Mustansiriyah University.

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Najlaa F. Jamil , Mayasah A. Sadiq , Alaa A. Salih. (2023-05-05). "Caffeine Consumption: Habits and Knowledge of Medical Students Al- Mustansiriyah University." *Volume 6*, 1, 1-10