History will Repeat: Industry 4.0 Brought Lean, Agile, Resilience and Green

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Alireza Parsa Rad, Amir Azizi

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Published: 17 May 2021 | Article Type : Research Article


According to reviews of a number of authoritative articles, which some of them were researched on a specific case and some of them were themselves the result of research on a large number of other articles, We were able to get an overview of the process of integrating information technology and industry .The integration that led to Industry 4.0 was the beginning of a leap forward. With library research on a number of cases and a group of authoritative research articles and reviews in Scopus journals, we were able to enumerate and fully explore many of the outcomes and achievements of the industry 4.0 , which we refer to as a leap .As a result, by considering all the dimensions of this leap and how it is advancing, as well as considering the latest technology in the world and the growing trend that information technology has undergone, we can be aware of the continuation of this leap and with a little argument about it We are talking about the not-too-distant future of industry and even human life (which is certainly quite influenced by these trends) so that we can be aware of this and analyze it.

Keywords: Industry 4.0, Lean, Agile, Resileince, Green, Sustainable Development, Information Technology, Larg, artificial intelligence.

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Alireza Parsa Rad, Amir Azizi. (2021-05-17). "History will Repeat: Industry 4.0 Brought Lean, Agile, Resilience and Green." *Volume 5*, 1, 9-14